sorry guys.

my first big post after a few months and i mess up.

the 100gm potassium iodide ($16)  and 50mg iodine crystals ($10), i got them easily from amazon,

the problem is, tho not expensive, you can only get iodine crystals from china.  so there is a shipping lag time. it is not made in the US that i can find.  soooooooooo…….

if you are thinking to get enough for a lifetime supply, go ahead and order 2 of the 50mg iodine crystals to just be safe.  ya know?  the world is getting crazier, the economy and dollar is getting hinky, so , just get whale you need to make sure you have what you need.  im an old fart lady, God knows how much longer i got on this coil,  and i feel like if i make 2 batches that is more than i ned for the rest of my life, ya know? 

course, if i live to 120 and run out then ill be pissed. cause 60 yrs from now who knows what things will cost and even if we can get what we need.   heck a year from now we dont know…so get what you need as soon as you can before you cant get it no more.

here are the links

potassium iodide on amazon  $16+-


iodine crystals  on amazon  $10+-


so get what you can while you can boys and girls


Make Your Own Lugols Iodine

do you use Lugols iodine for a supplement?  alot of folks do, and in the US you can now only buy the 2% solution and cant get the 5%.  well, i found out how to make your own Lugols.  is that great or what?  do some research to find out what this can do for you and how it can help you.  it is totally worth learning how to make this.

if you can fill a quart canning jar with distilled water and if you can pour in some dry power and stir—then you can make your own 100% Lugiols.


Here goes—–

how to make Lugols 5% solution

you need

distilled water

quart canning jar

non metal lid or use the metal lid but put a baggie over top

100gm potassium iodide crystals $16

50gms elemental iodine crystals $10

plastic or wood item to stir

in quart jar, add the 100gm potassium iodide crystals, add a little of the distilled water to stir and dissolve crystals

add in the 50gm elemental iodine crystals

add more water to stir and dissolve–this takes a bit longer to dissolve

add the rest of the water to fill quart jar

stir, put lid on. shake thru the day now and then to help dissolve

let sit in col dark palace (pantry is fine) for 24 hours shaking now and then

after 24 hrs it is ready to use.

this makes the stronger 5% solution

if you want the 2-2.5%, pour half into a quart jar so you now have 2 quart jars half full of solution,. fill each with distilled water to the top. put lid on that is non metal or cover first with baggie then the lid to prevent the solution touching metal as it is corrosive over time..
a 2oz bottle of lugols 2% solution costs around $13

to make the 2% solution spending $26 for ingredients, you get 2 quarts = 64oz or 32 of the Lugols 2oz bottles of their 2% solution.
how to check your iodine levels:

take some tincture of iodine and paint on your arm a 1 inch square, just sort of guess and do your best. now wait and see how fast that disappears.

if your iodine levels are strong and normal it will stay dark for 24hrs.

the faster it disappears, the more deprived you are of iodine

to get iodine levels up–every day paint a new 1 inch square on a different part of body and keep doing it every day around the same time and watch how long it stays. when it stays dark 24 hrs you are good. every couple of months repeat to check your levels.

women have particular problems with iodine levels as we get older.

this is worth doing..


happy 2019, better late than never.  another year passes and another one starts and here it is spring already.  hope everyone is doing well and trying out different cannabis recipes to help with the health problems. 


here is a really great site, a forum, to learn more about how to make and use cannabis medicines.  very good site.


so another year is here, i finished up a batch of the cannabis tincture i use for fibromyalgia pain that i cant live withoutbeen making the cannabis paste cancer pills and the canna oil #3 recipe.  i need to make some more salve, that is the best the No Nonsense recipe, great pain reliever that can be rubbed on or taken internally.

im also finishing up a batch of the Migraine Tincture that is posted earlier.  not bad.  it has equal parts leverfew, lemon balm and peppermint leaf.  need to make some more CBD oil as i used most of it up experimenting making a salve mixed with coconut oil f.  it came out pretty good.

my eyes have gotten a bit darker so its getting a little more difficult to do things like this but im hanging on.  had a rough bout with a skin cancer spot on my back but finally killed it off.  whle there are no signs of the breast cancer coming back or re-manifesting, i fight skin cancer spots here and there.  a real PIA.  i prefer RSO and/ or cansema black salve.    but thats me.  you always have to do your own Due Diligence, talk with your health care provider and make your decision.

hey, did you know that chronic low iodine levels  lead to among other things but higher rates of breast cancer in women?  check out the Lugols iodine info i got in next post……

God bless and take care yall


hi folks,

here is an update using the No Nonsense recipe.  recall it is called a ‘salve’ and can be topical for pain relief or it can be eaten.  i do not care for the taste of cannabis so i fill ’00’ capsules.  so decided to try the No Nonsense recipe to compare to the Canna Oil #3 recipe for pain relief.

Got to say–the No Nonsense is a step above the Canna Oil #3.  it seems to have a deeper pain relief and lasts a bit longer.  so far it has worked out pretty good

i have been taking cannabis tincture for several years now for relief from the fibromyalgia  stinging, stabbing, burning pain.  the tincture, taken about 1 T 5-6 times a day has worked quite good for me but i must take a dose every 3 hours or the pains start to ‘bleed’ thru.  taking the No Nonsense salve, it seems to last longer.  so ive started using this more often.  it saves on alcohol intake too.  while 5-7 T of the alcohol is not such a big deal it doesnt hurt to  give the liver a break.   the dose for the No Nonsense is 1/4tsp every 3-4hrs as needed.  start with a lower dose for a couple days to see how it works for you.  i am using one ’00’ capsule taken every other dose wit the tincture and next week i will change to only the No Nonsense to see how it works.

anyway, if you have not tried the No Nonsense Recipe yet, give it a try. it is superior for topical pain relief and very good for internal use.  all it takes is pot, coconut oil, lecithin and a crock pot that sits on yer counter for 48hrs. what can be simpler?


hope you all are well.

God bless

Apostles Oil Update

howdy folks!

here is a very interesting update i wanted to share with yio all.  simething that surprised me but probably should not have.,

as i have mentioned before i have Vestibular Neuritis which is a fancy way of saying my inner gyroscope is broke and i have dizzy spells of varying strengths 24/7.  had this for the last 3 years, i hate it and it sucks,  had every test you can imagine, been thru 11 doctors and there is no remedy.  im told i got to learn to live with it finding only temporary symptomatic relief. thru meclizine, homeopathic for motion sickness, some interesting tincture blends, EO,  and such i have learned to deal but some days are still pretty bad.  and for those who have the question, this condition started Before i started using any cannabis medicines for cancer or whatnot.

anyway—some time last year i experimented with a recipe called Apostles Oil made by a couple to help their little baby girl deal with seizures and epilepsy and all sorts of problems.,   with some tweaking here and there came up with this recipe that CURED their daughter.  do a search on Apostles Oil and you can read the story and see all the medical reports, tests, stats, Everything.  amazing story.

i  made some because i like to experiment but never really used it,.  after some rough times dealing with my broken brain i decided to give it a try.

so i started the low adult dose of 2.5mg every 2 hours with the plan to work up to the recommended 5mg every 2 hours..  they also have a tea recipe they make for their daughter but i have not tried that yet.  so far im just using the oil which is made with a specific form of cannabis and organic cold pressed hemp SEED oil.  using a bit of heat and controlled temps and then a 2 week soak, you got yer Apostles Oil.

by the 2nd day i felt the difference.  the spells were much milder and less frequent and i was impressed.  this has given me hope.  i feel more like my old self.  they are not gone but im still at the low dose level and so far i am totally impressed. 


so if you or you know someone with vestibular problems, seizures, spasms,  Meneires or other dizzy spell problems, please look into the Apostles Oil recipe and give it a try.  maybe it can help.

please scroll down , you will find it with the recipes.

now i have decided i need to stock up on organic cold pressed hemp seed oil so i can keep making this for myself.   it has really helped alot.   id have to say it has cut the frequency and strength and duration of the dizzy spells by at least 1/3  to 1/2 so far.  and this has been just maybe 2 wks taking the oil. 

freaking awesome!

DOJ announces end to policy that allowed legal pot to flourish

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced on Thursday that he was rescinding an Obama-era policy that had paved the way for legalized marijuana to flourish in states across the country, prompting quick pushback from at least two Republican senators from states that allow its use.    Link



well i guess we will see what happens.  will the states  be allowed to determine the laws inside their state that the people vote for or will the fedgov go all Rambo?