hi folks,

here is an update using the No Nonsense recipe.  recall it is called a ‘salve’ and can be topical for pain relief or it can be eaten.  i do not care for the taste of cannabis so i fill ’00’ capsules.  so decided to try the No Nonsense recipe to compare to the Canna Oil #3 recipe for pain relief.

Got to say–the No Nonsense is a step above the Canna Oil #3.  it seems to have a deeper pain relief and lasts a bit longer.  so far it has worked out pretty good

i have been taking cannabis tincture for several years now for relief from the fibromyalgia  stinging, stabbing, burning pain.  the tincture, taken about 1 T 5-6 times a day has worked quite good for me but i must take a dose every 3 hours or the pains start to ‘bleed’ thru.  taking the No Nonsense salve, it seems to last longer.  so ive started using this more often.  it saves on alcohol intake too.  while 5-7 T of the alcohol is not such a big deal it doesnt hurt to  give the liver a break.   the dose for the No Nonsense is 1/4tsp every 3-4hrs as needed.  start with a lower dose for a couple days to see how it works for you.  i am using one ’00’ capsule taken every other dose wit the tincture and next week i will change to only the No Nonsense to see how it works.

anyway, if you have not tried the No Nonsense Recipe yet, give it a try. it is superior for topical pain relief and very good for internal use.  all it takes is pot, coconut oil, lecithin and a crock pot that sits on yer counter for 48hrs. what can be simpler?


hope you all are well.

God bless


Apostles Oil Update

howdy folks!

here is a very interesting update i wanted to share with yio all.  simething that surprised me but probably should not have.,

as i have mentioned before i have Vestibular Neuritis which is a fancy way of saying my inner gyroscope is broke and i have dizzy spells of varying strengths 24/7.  had this for the last 3 years, i hate it and it sucks,  had every test you can imagine, been thru 11 doctors and there is no remedy.  im told i got to learn to live with it finding only temporary symptomatic relief. thru meclizine, homeopathic for motion sickness, some interesting tincture blends, EO,  and such i have learned to deal but some days are still pretty bad.  and for those who have the question, this condition started Before i started using any cannabis medicines for cancer or whatnot.

anyway—some time last year i experimented with a recipe called Apostles Oil made by a couple to help their little baby girl deal with seizures and epilepsy and all sorts of problems.,   with some tweaking here and there came up with this recipe that CURED their daughter.  do a search on Apostles Oil and you can read the story and see all the medical reports, tests, stats, Everything.  amazing story.

i  made some because i like to experiment but never really used it,.  after some rough times dealing with my broken brain i decided to give it a try.

so i started the low adult dose of 2.5mg every 2 hours with the plan to work up to the recommended 5mg every 2 hours..  they also have a tea recipe they make for their daughter but i have not tried that yet.  so far im just using the oil which is made with a specific form of cannabis and organic cold pressed hemp SEED oil.  using a bit of heat and controlled temps and then a 2 week soak, you got yer Apostles Oil.

by the 2nd day i felt the difference.  the spells were much milder and less frequent and i was impressed.  this has given me hope.  i feel more like my old self.  they are not gone but im still at the low dose level and so far i am totally impressed. 


so if you or you know someone with vestibular problems, seizures, spasms,  Meneires or other dizzy spell problems, please look into the Apostles Oil recipe and give it a try.  maybe it can help.

please scroll down , you will find it with the recipes.

now i have decided i need to stock up on organic cold pressed hemp seed oil so i can keep making this for myself.   it has really helped alot.   id have to say it has cut the frequency and strength and duration of the dizzy spells by at least 1/3  to 1/2 so far.  and this has been just maybe 2 wks taking the oil. 

freaking awesome!

DOJ announces end to policy that allowed legal pot to flourish

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced on Thursday that he was rescinding an Obama-era policy that had paved the way for legalized marijuana to flourish in states across the country, prompting quick pushback from at least two Republican senators from states that allow its use.    Link



well i guess we will see what happens.  will the states  be allowed to determine the laws inside their state that the people vote for or will the fedgov go all Rambo?







































































































































Thanks to all my new Friends

ok, so 2017 is in the wash and a new year is staring at us. 

the big question is—What did you learn to make for yourself to help yourself?  while it is good to collect and save information it is more important to practice to make things Now while you still can.

folks, im not blowing smoke up yer skirt when i say it is easy to make you own cannabis medicines.  of course you can pay full price at the dispensaries, and if you can afford that by all means do what is comfortable for you.  but if you are like alot of us, surviving and hanging on, you can make your own for about 1/3 of the cost or less.

if i can do it, you can do it.  this is not rocket science.  if you can boil water, you can do this.


and just a note here. 

my vision is getting worse.  not sure how much longer i can do this.  it is getting more difficult to type and then the time to go back and try to fix any typos so i dont look stupid or ignorant, lol,   but as long as i can i will be addi9ng posts, recipes, info here to help people learn how to make their own medicines.

 as ive mentioned before if you learn how to make the paste, the cannabis oil #3 recipe and the No Nonsense Salve recipes, tincture  and leaf or stem teas, you have the basics of helping yourself for the rest of your life.   to me, those are the Basics.  yeah you can get into the brownies and cookies and caramels and pot pizzas, but good grief, seems like a waste of time to me.  as far as im concerned, these are the back bone of all cannabis medicine.

Cannabis Paste

Cannabis Tincture

Cannabis Oil #3

No Nonsense Salve

Leaf or Stem Teas

as always,m im happy to answer an questions, just give me a hollar any time.

thanks to all my new friends.  God bless you all

ps–get yerself some  good medical seeds while you can and tuck them away properly. do a search on the net for medciacla cannabis seeds there are plenty of offers, the average to pay right now is about $10 a seed.   get a couple more than you expect you need  in case one or more dies or dont turn out right.,  it happens. 

 skip the fancy auto fem–no bang for yer buck.   go for the feminized in my opinion,  look for equal balance of thc/cbd, or get the best ratio you can find.  the CBD balances out the THC and lessens any high.    and your body has its own CBD receptors, i bet no doctor ever told you that.   it sits around bored to death doing nothing til you take in CBDs.  imagine that.  and go for the indica or indica blend, no less than  50/50..  the sativa makes people energized or anxious, the indica makes people relaxed or sleepy. 

ive truly enjoyed meeting every one of you and lift up prayers for all those fighting cancer or epilepsy or brain injuries or chronic pain or whatever.

you can beat it


Weed Stem Tea for Pain Relief

i bet you did not know that you can salvage the stems from your plants , cut ten up and make tea for pain relief.    well, ok, maybe you did.  it is not very potent, more like taking some extra strength tylenol but it is worth knowing about this.,


take the old dried out stems you usually would compost.   chop them up, put in a blender like one of the Bullet blenders and use the in a tea strainer, say about one Tablespoon per cup of boiling water.  let steep for a few minutes, add some honey or stevia and sip away.  not strong enough to make you silly or want to take a nap but just enough to ease the pain in your knees or back or shoulder or whatever.  a nice thing to take before bed if you have regular aches and pains that make you toss and turn.

you can always add a tsp or hops tincture too to help your sleep.



Merry Christmas to all and Best wishes this holiday season celebrating the gift of Christ to mankind.  God came to earth, became man in the humblest way to turn out hearts and minds back to Him and His Truth.

just a note to keep any eye out for changes in the wind globally.  something is building up in so many areas.  an event is coming that will make that first domino start to fall and the coming crash can not be stopped.  personally i believe the event will be Israel doing a preemptive strike somewhere north of their border.   iran or syria, i do not know,  but this strike will seem to come out of nowhere, no threats or big dramatic warnings—those have already been given repeatedly.  this strike will shock the world, nations leaders will be outraged.  there is a repercussion from this strike, it will cause global markets to shake in fear and start collapsing.  the world leaders had been desperately trying to cover up the coming crash that was inevitable, and when this act of Israel spooks the markets and things start tumbling, they have someone to blame.

the world will hate and blame Israel .  this will get very ugly from them on.  there is no going back,  normal life as we know it will be gone forever.   prepare as best you can.  when you see this event you will know it has begun.  get what you need as fast as you can and prepare for harsh times.  these are the ‘good old days’. 

God bless and keep making your medicine.